Name of race event

Approve by
The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (R.A.A.T)

CTG2002 Co.,Ltd.

Competition level

It started with the OTK Kart Group, the manufacturer and distributor of the Rok by Vortex Engine,
known among kart enthusiasts and very well-known as the organizer of the “Rok Superfinal” in Italy.
In addition, they also participated in the organizing of kart competitions in different countries
both in Europe and Asia which uses the name of the program as “Rok Cup” followed by the name of
that country, the competition is widespread and very popular in every country where it is held
so this makes the organizer realizes the importance of racers who love kart racing in Thailand and to
promote, develop and as well as elevate the standards of Thailand's kart sports to be more
internationally level. Therefore, the competition has been requested to be held in Thailand
since 2018 under the name of “Rok Cup Thailand”

  • To promote Karting in Thailand to be widespread
  • To create a new generation of racers
  • In order to raise the standard of kart racing in Thailand to be equal to international standards
  • To strengthen unity in the automotive industry
  • To promote karting as activities for people of all ages / families
  • To promote the public relations objectives of various companies that are involved in supporting the competition.
  • To encourage children and youth to turn to playing sports and far away from drugs